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Example response:

[ { "id": "10780015", "name": "Datapo, Inc.", "registration_number": "2018-000815590", "registration_date": "2018-08-08", "jurisdiction_country": "United States", "jurisdiction_state": "Washington" }, { "id": "94500053", "name": "Datapo Solutions, LLC", "registration_number": "A0761-D", "registration_date": null, "jurisdiction_country": "Canada", "jurisdiction_state": null } ]

Parameter Example
q Search query. We search everywhere by default.

search_by You may specify what fields to search by:

- registration_number
- name[current]
- name[old]
- contact[email]
- contact[phone]
- contact[fax]
- contact[website]
- identifier
- address[country]
- address[state]
- address[county]
- address[city]

count Maximum number of results to return (default: 50, maximum: 500).

page Number of page with results.


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