Register of Debtors

In order to make the process of cooperation between companies more transparent and safe we keep a register of companies and entrepreneurs that owe debts to their partners.

This kind of information allows our customers to make a right decision on whether it is worth cooperating with the company not performing its obligations in due time.

All the data on debts that our base includes are added from the official public registers or by our customers.

If the information about the debt is added by the customer then he is obliged to confirm his telephone number, indicate the registration number of his company and upload copies of documents confirming the debt’s existence. After the documents’ copies were verified the company or entrepreneur is marked as a debtor. We are entitled to request for additional evidences to confirm the information.

Should the company satisfy a debt the debt’s status can be changed into “Payed” but the information about such a debt will be kept in our base for our customers to be able to get more information about their partner and to conduct verification of the partner’s liability.

If a company owes a debt it will be indicated in its profile page in section “Risks”. You’ll see the number of records in the table; and a click to the link will allow you to get the more detailed information about which sum and whom the company owes as a debt, date of the debt’s satisfaction and comments of the customer that has added the information. You’ll also be able to look through the copies of the uploaded documents provided the customer has allowed a public access thereto.

Our register of debtors is an informative base and doesn't ensure performance or non-performance of the obligations taken by a company, nevertheless it allows to minimize risks of cooperation. Especially when the partners are situated abroad.