Affiliation Search

If you want to learn more about the company you work or would like to work with then affiliation search option will be rather useful for you.

What for do you need it? For example, you are going to cooperate with company A. Company A has the same owners (managers) as company B has. However company B is not a reliable company that has debts or bad reputation. In this case there is a risk of cooperation with company B.

Let’s consider another example. Company A owes a debt to you but claims that it hasn't got funds and is not able to repay. However the owners of company A own other companies that have different property on a balance sheet as well as funds that can be used to repay the debt to you.

Search of links between the companies can be useful simply for checking company's operation schemes, getting to know its partners, property and other interesting and useful information. Data comparison is implemented on the basis of different parameters and their sets. For example, on the basis of physical and legal addresses (including history of the addresses’ changes), names of founders and managers etc.

Our base stores the information on tens of millions of companies from different countries. Daily our base adds millions of records about companies’ operations. We look for links between records from all over the world but not only on companies within a country. Since it often happens so that the company’s owners can own companies and property abroad.