About us

For a company to grow actively and to reduce the risks of cooperation with its counterparties, it is necessary to have updated information. We daily collect and process millions of records about companies, their activities and people who are connected with them. This information will allow you to make the right decision.

We have information about 50 million companies from around the world, and every day this number increases.

By receiving, processing and analyzing data from thousands of government sources, we do our best to make you know about your counterparty or competitor the maximum amount of information that will allow your business to grow.

Our data

Among the data we process and analyze, there may be the following: company registration data, its shareholders/directors/employees, financial reports, contracts/purchases/sales, real estate and transport possessed, licenses and permits for activities, credits given and obtained, debts, trademarks and patents, law actions and judicial decisions, company documents.

With the massive amount of data and advanced technologies, we can find even insignificant links among millions of companies and their owners. Thus, you can avoid not only direct, but also indirect risks.

Stay updated

The more relevant the information you have is, the faster you will be able to make decisions, and the lower your risks will be.

Everyday we collect up-to-date information about the companies you are interested in and at the slightest change in them we will send you an immediate notification.

If your partner or counterparty has been sued, you will be immediately notified. Has your competitor acquired property or registered a trademark? Learn about it first. Has the founder of the company being tracked registered a new company? Stay updated!