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A revolutionary product for finding new customers and partners

Lead finder

Find new customers in a way you never have before.

Use the power of big data to expand your business and increase profits. Our revolutionary product enables you to complete the work that would usually take weeks to complete.

Among tens of millions of companies from many different countries, Lead Finder can provide you with a list containing only those which fully meet your parameters. For example, you need to find companies that meet the following criteria:

  • Company jurisdiction: Washington, USA.
  • Company Status: active only
  • Industry: residential construction
  • Last month revenue: no less than one million USD
  • Active building permits: yes
  • Debts, collaterals, violations, sanctions, blacklists: none
  • Contact details: e-mail
  • Ownership of real estate in Great Britain: yes
  • Ownership of trademark in France: yes
  • Ownership of airplane in Australia: yes
  • Citizenship of the company owner: USA or Canada

Let’s say among tens of millions of companies, we will find for you only 10 that meet such criteria; however, these will be the exact companies that you need, which are certain to become your clients.

Just imagine how much time you would have needed for such a detailed company search before. Now, it will take you a mere one minute.

We have already collected 50 data types, and we add 2 new ones every month.

  • Contracts
  • Payments
  • Property
  • Violations
  • Inspections

Maximum data granularity

Datapo collects and stores dozens of parameters and ranges that describe each object (real estate, contract, violation, etc.) in detail. You can also carry out a detailed search using each one of these ranges.

For example, it will find only those companies that have any property which meets the following criteria to present to you:

  • Property type: commercial
  • Property purpose: bank
  • Year of construction: before 1980
  • Wall length: no less than 10 meters
  • Total area: from 300 to 1500 square meters
  • Flooring: parquet
  • Wall material: brick
  • Basement: yes

Such data detailing allows Datapo to provide incredible opportunities to find those exact leads that you need and which will best be converted into clients and partners.

Real time results

You no longer need to spend weeks and months on looking for the right prospects. Now everything happens in real time, and you can immediately see and control the search results.

Export to CSV

Mark the necessary columns with the data that you need for work, select the order of the columns in the file for your convenience and download all the results to a CSV file, which you can upload to your favorite CRM.


Configure an automatic search for new leads by any given criteria and configure an integration via API or extensions. All new potential partners and customers will automatically go directly to your favorite CRM or email.

Do not wait for your competitors to beat you.

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