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Datapo is one of the largest international business databases

Even the smallest pieces of data are valuable. Information which may seem insignificant at first sight may become a key point for making a decision. That’s why we don’t take the same path as big players; we have chosen our own.

Datapo collects and updates billions of business-related records in many different countries.

What data do we have?

To provide the maximum result, Datapo has separated the received data into types. The first type is property, the second type is contract, and the third type is trademark...

At the moment, we have almost 50 different types of data in total, and we add 1-2 more new types every month.

Data Short description  
Acquisitions Acquisitions of some companies by others  
Aircrafts Airplanes and helicopters owned or operated by companies  
Authorized capital Company’s authorized capital  
Balance sheet Balance sheets that companies submit to reporting bodies  
Bank accounts Company bank account details  
Bankruptcy Company bankruptcy procedures  
Branches Company branches  
Campaign Financing Political campaign financing  
Complaints Complaints about companies sent to regulatory authorities  
Contacts Company contact details  
Contract awards Goods and / or service supply contracts signed as a result of tenders  
Debts Debts of companies to other companies, private individuals, or government entities  
Documents Company related documents  
Domains Domain names owned or managed by companies  
Events Actions and events occurring with companies  
General Contracts Goods and / or services supply contracts  
General Transactions One-time payments for goods and / or services made by companies  
Grants Grants received by companies  
Identifiers Registration numbers of companies in accounting departments and other organizations  
Inspections Inspections carried out by government authorities in relation to companies  
Investments Company investments  
Legal data Basic company registration information  
License applications License applications  
Licenses Licenses obtained by companies or related to them  
Liquidation Company liquidation procedures  
Loans Loans received or issued by companies  
Lobbying Company lobbying  
Mergers Mergers of companies with other companies  
Motor vehicles Cars, trucks, and ground vehicles owned or operated by companies  
Patent applications Patent applications  
Patents Patents owned by or related to companies  
Permit applications Applications for permits  
Permits Permits obtained by or related to companies  
Pledges A company’s pledges and pledged property  
Property Residential and commercial property owned or operated by companies  
Registers Lists and registries in which companies are included  
Representatives Individuals and legal entities related to companies  
Sanctions Sanctions applied to companies  
Taxes Taxes accrued on and paid by companies which are published by tax authorities  
Trademark applications Trademark applications  
Trademarks Trademarks owned by or related to companies  
Violations Company violations  
Watercrafts Ships, yacht, and boats owned or operated by companies  

Datapo stores all historical data for each type. This enables you to analyze the history of the company thoroughly and predict its possible future actions.

Where do we get our data?

We understand how important it is to have trustworthy information because important business decisions are created from its basis.

This is the reason we decided to collect information solely from sources that can be trusted where there is a minimal chance of mistakes and edits.

Sources that we use Sources that we do NOT use
National registers Social networks
Ministries and departments websites Company websites
State, district, city administration websites Rumors
International organization websites  

In the modern world, companies do business in many different countries, which means that it is extremely difficult to get all of the information about them, so it is crucial to see the whole picture in order to make the right decision.

For example, the company “Sample” is registered in the US, but they do almost all of their business internationally. For this reason, there is almost no information about them in the national registries. At the same time, this company is included in Brazil’s list of undesirable companies. It also has a registered trademark in France, as well as operating an aircraft in Australia , while currently negotiating a contract with the government of South Africa, etc. Datapo cannot tell you everything about this company, but it will inform you about a great deal of it.

How often do we update our data?

The frequency of data updating depends on the type of data and the jurisdiction in which the data is located. This interval may vary from one day to one year (for example, financial statements in most jurisdictions are published only once a year).

We understand how important it is to get updated information as soon as possible; therefore, we do our best to reduce the minimum time for updating data in all directions.

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