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Why use Datapo?

Cost reduction

  • How much time does it take you and your employees to search for the necessary data about your suppliers, customers, partners, or competitors?
  • How much staff and time do you need to send requests to dozens or hundreds of registries to collect information about just one company? What if you have hundreds or thousands of such companies? What if you need to receive information from foreign registries in an unfamiliar language?
  • How much is your time worth?

Multiply this time by the cost of your employee’s hourly work and think about what more useful and necessary tasks your employee could be working on during all that time?

This item of expenditure of your business can be optimized by Datapo. Within a minute, our software performs functions that takes your employees weeks and months to do.

Profit increase

Along with cost reduction, Datapo enables you to increase your company’s profit by expanding your search for new suppliers, customers, and partners. Use modern technology and a huge database of tens of thousands of sources from many different countries, which is updated daily.

Datapo enables you to automate the search for new companies that will be interested in working with you. Lead Finder uses more than 500 parameters that allow you to find only those companies that you need among tens of millions of companies.

Risk reduction

Verifying the companies which you are working with or going to cooperate with is a good strategy to reduce risks for your business, save money, and maintain your reputation.

In every country, a large number of companies are created for exclusively fraudulent activities, which may hurt you. There are cases when a company which is interested in cooperating with you does not legally exist or has never been officially registered anywhere. Additionally, you may suffer from companies that have been sanctioned, conduct business dishonestly, or allow violations in their work.

Datapo not only enables you to conduct a one time verification of the company you are interested in, but also sets up a list of companies that will be monitored daily, and it will send you notifications every time any suspicious action occurs with a company on the list. If you want to find out exactly what you can track, check out a list of our data that we collect and process.

Tracking companies enables you to receive information about potential risks during the day, so that you can take steps to prevent their consequences.

Error reduction

No one is safe from the factor of human error. There’s a decent chance of errors as a result of employee’s actions.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you had to make changes in the contract, or cancel a payment due to incorrectly filled out details or outdated data of your partner’s company? Have you ever lost an order and a client due to an incorrectly filled application form on your website?

Datapo collects data directly from official company registries. This eliminates the possibility of errors associated with filling in company names, addresses, and other data. Data is updated daily, which allows you to keep it up to date.

Automation of labor-intensive and routine work

Do your employees input the client’s data in CRM manually? Do your accountants input the vendor’s data in accounting software manually? Do your users fill in their own data on your website manually?

Just imagine how often you have to insert and use the data of the companies that you work with. How much time does it take? How high is the probability of errors? How much time does it take you to keep all this data up to date? How many companies do you need to verify data on? 10, 1000, 100,000?

Use Datapo APIs and add-ons that integrate with popular CRMs and automate a significant portion of your employees' work. Your employees should do useful and productive work, not a routine job.

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