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Machine learning and big data to protect your business

Company check

Check all of the companies you work with

Before reading further, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you ready to lose money due to fraudulent companies?
  • Are you ready to pay fines for working with sanctioned companies or with ones who are on the list of banned companies?
  • Are you ready to risk your company's reputation because of cooperation with companies that regularly commit violations in their work, break deadlines, or are associated with unreliable people?

A simple verification of the company before working with it can significantly reduce current and future risks.

Know your client

Verifying your partners and customers is the company's responsibility in many industries. It is enshrined in the legislation of many countries and is being implemented in modern business more often. At the same time, this is the right strategy for absolutely every company that carries out any business activity.

Through a single interface, Datapo enables you to discover relevant data on most companies registered worldwide or to simply verify whether or not a company is actually registered.

Initially, you need to verify the following information about the company you are planning to work with:

  • If the company exists or not.
  • If it is going through liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings.
  • If the company is under any sanctions, is blacklisted, or commits any violations.
  • If the company has all of the necessary valid licenses, permits, or certificates of conformity to carry out its activities.

Our data

Datapo services a database of tens of millions of companies from over 100 jurisdictions and regularly updates it.

We collect an enormous amount of data about companies (even the most insignificant data, which may be important for making the right decision). We obtain all data solely from verified sources (mainly from state registers, ministries, district and city administrations), and we regularly update it; therefore, our data can be trusted.

Data is collected from different countries. This enables us to provide the most reliable results. We will show you if:

  • The company is registered in the USA
  • There’s a lawsuit on it in Australia
  • It has been added in the supplier blacklist in France
  • The company's CEO has been blacklisted in Great Britain

Mass verification

Mass company check

Just upload the list of companies you need to verify and instantly receive a report on any risks associated with them.

Track daily changes

Company tracking

Datapo checks the company and sends you notifications about any suspicious changes and actions of your partners, customers, competitors on a daily basis.

Automation and Extensions

Company automation

Connect our API or extensions to your CRM or accounting program and conduct a company verification automatically, so that you can check the result directly in your usual interface.

Machine learning

Machine learning and a large amount of data enables you to identify potential risks and threats that may come from companies and employees who are affiliates of your partners, customers, and suppliers.

Export data to PDF

Company data export

Save the company's profile to a PDF file to print it out in the future or to work with it offline.

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