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Be the first to know about any changes within companies that you are interested in.

Company tracking

Track existing companies

Datapo enables you to track any changes in existing companies by using several thousand criteria.

Be the first to know if your competitor has obtained a new license, signed a more profitable contract, or applied for a new trademark in another country. You will also be able to see if your supplier has changed its company details, and if your debtor has acquired a new property or has begun bankruptcy proceedings.

Tracking existing companies enables you to:

  • Observe competitors
  • Control partners

It is extremely important to have complete and up-to-date information in order to respond to threats to your business in a timely manner. This is the only way to make a decision that will save your business in time.

Any of the following situations may occur with your business:

  • Your regular customer asked for goods with a deferred payment. After having received the goods, they began liquidation or bankruptcy procedures. It is crucial to find out about this as soon as possible in order to take the right steps.
  • The company you constantly conduct business with has been blacklisted or sanctioned. Your business may suffer from extended cooperation with such a company.
  • The company you cooperate with has begun to appear in court regularly because of failure to fulfill its contractual obligations, has been detected to have violations, or goes through regular auditing. All of these could be a threat to your business.

Set up this type of tracking and tomorrow you will discover any changes to the companies you are interested in.

Track new companies

Every day, tens of thousands of new companies are registered worldwide. This is a huge number of potential clients for your business. Only the first to offer their goods and services will win the bid.

Each new company requires a standard set of goods and services: accounting services, bank account, stationery, office furniture, and assistance in obtaining licenses and permissions.

You can track new companies by jurisdiction, address, name, industry, and many other criteria.

Set up this type of tracking and you will receive a list of potential clients on a daily basis.

Track existing employees

People are a company's greatest asset. What happens to a company depends on the actions of its people.

Tracking existing representatives enables you to find out if an employee's position has changed, if an owner's ownership ratio of a company has changed, or if a CEO is on the list of disqualified directors.

Set up this type of tracking, and tomorrow you will uncover the changes that have occurred with the employees of the company you are interested in.

Track new employees

Would you like to know when the person you are interested in will receive a new position, become a shareholder in an existing company, or set up their own company?

Indicate the person's name, location, age, or other information and receive notifications as soon as we obtain the information you need.

Set up this type of tracking and you won't miss out on corporate events that happen with people or companies you are interested in.

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