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Business risks

Reduce transactions with fictitious companies


Time-consuming work

Reduce time-consuming work and staff payments


Up-to-date information

More up-to-date information on competitors, customers, suppliers


Accuracy & compliance

Accuracy & compliance as all data we get is managed by government

Cheaper, faster and safer work


Get instant access to profile of your supplier, partner or customer.


Get rid of the routine work. Automate the addition and updating of data in your CRM.


Get notified of any actions of your competitors, partners, suppliers.


Find exactly your customer using powerful filters and a huge array of our data.


Ready-to-use CSV, XML, JSON files with the most popular and up-to-date data. Daily updates!


The most accurate reports based on billions of records from our database.

Our data

Company profiles

Records:70 845 529
New records daily:> 100 000

Legal data directly from the company registers. Data is updated daily. In average, 3 new jurisdictions are being added weekly.


Records:94 208 312
New records daily:> 250 000

Information on directors, owners and employees of companies is collected from various sources, including company registers. Data is updated daily.


Records:562 614 916
New records daily:> 4 000 000

At least 4 million new transactions are added daily from trusted sources. Contracts, grants, contributions, loans, mortgages and other financial transactions.

Permits & Licenses

Records:20 627 380
New records daily:> 300 000

Business, building, transportation... millions of permits and licenses from thousands of state and local sources.

Intellectual property

Records:14 399 241
New records daily:> 70 000

Registered patents and trademarks and applications. Current and previous owners. Daily updates from Patent and Trademark offices.


Records:1 399 241
New records daily:> 70 000

Information on previous and current trademarks owned by companies is obtained directly from the registries of countries.

Real property

Records:8 533 346
New records daily:> 150 000

We collect data on real estate owned by companies. The data is updated daily from hundreds of local sources.


Records:1 697 019
New records daily:> 20 000

Motor vehicles, aircrafts, watercrafts and other types of transport. Data is collected from different jurisdictions. Current and previous owners.

Domain names

Records:31 241 042
New records daily:> 700 000

Domains allow you to get information about the websites of companies and learn about the company's plans for actions on the Internet.


Records:31 241 042
New records daily:> 70 000

Sanctions list, court cases, bankruptcies, complaints. Everything you need to evaluate a partner.

Other records

Records:over 2 billion
Sources:11 970
New records daily:> 9 000 000

Financial statements, domain names, original documents, shares, contacts and much much more!

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